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December 2007  

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Here at School  
01:15pm 17/12/2007
Well to day's interesting, everone wasn't expecting me to cut my hair let alone buzz cut it.

Peoples faces were hilarious i didn't expect so many people to react althought I really do like it this short I feel better about myself for some reason well figureded I'd post since it's been a while well ttyall later.
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What Do You Have To Say? - You Make Me Feel Like Writing  
12:38pm 09/12/2007
What inspires you to write?

Things that inspire me the most would be everything that trigers my imagination which in deffinition everything.
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I wonder?  
01:03pm 07/12/2007
Time is amazing in the way you can never get it back and never catch up to it once it takes off never stopping never rewinding I wonder how long till this journey ends.
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What Do You Have To Say? - I'm Just Wild About...  
08:05pm 05/12/2007
What are you passionate about?
 To be free and to live without the chains that bind the rest of the world that doesn't see the cage around them.
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Life can Be So Twisted  
07:38pm 05/12/2007

For all those friends and others reading this it's amazing how f'd up life can be. I mean it starts out everyday quite waiting unpredictable then depending on is great humor it either sends us to a short lived happy place or throws us into a Vortex of painful suffering, by either making us remember our past our by making us feel worthless or without purpose. 

Besides that I guess we just have to cope with it no matter how much we want to run away from it. What would the world be like if we all gave up after the first big wave of problems that came our way I think we'd end up like Zombies traveling from place to place no emotion no feeling just pure worthlessness. For any who read this this is not an emo statement just a boost for those suffering through life like me and those who need to hear that they're not alone.

Now new topic i'm leaving for the Air Force this January 29th to train and go to school to learn some new things I don't want to wait till then but i also don't want to say goodbye to  any of my friends i'll post something new in a little but this was just a lil warm up. 

mood: anxiousanxious
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New guy's second post  
02:52pm 01/12/2007

Well hey everyone. For my next post I've decided that I'm just gonna ask for new friends. I just got this to keep friends up to date and to make new ones but anyway, to anyone that knows me I'll be ading a different pic later when i get my cam for now it's just one of my favorite anime characters from Tenjho Tenge. Well thats all I can write right now cause i have to head out but to my friends that may read this, I'l try to keep it as updated as posible. Later 

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New guy here  
02:50pm 01/12/2007
Well i just got this and i think i can get the hang of this but bare with me and we'll see what happens.
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